Friday, August 22, 2008

Let's get to know us.

Julian Vaca-
His name rolls off the tongue, like "successful" and/or "ballistic". Okay, let's stop being cute for a second and get to the facts, just the way Julian would intend. He's a growing boy with growing dreams, and that's what sets hi
m apart from John Whitton. Filmmaking takes a lot of his time, as well as working out, body-building, and weight gaining. But when all that is said and done, Julian M-A-K-E-S time to write in this little bloggie-woggie. Don't worry, folks, all of your Julian-driven questions will be answered right here... right now.
Jean-Michael Vissepo -
In the thirteenth year of his life, Jean-Michael was uprooted from his native Puerto Rico and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. Leaving behind everything that was familiar to him did not come easy. However,conquering the giant that is the English language did.
After completing his childhood dream of attending and graduating from a public high school in the United States of America Jean-Michael decided that college was not for him.Not yet at least.He packed his bags and did some traveling for a year.Little did he know that the path he was following was one that would take him back to Nashville.
To say the least ,Jean-Michael enjoys his Sunday morning routine of waking up at 9 am ,making a fresh cup of coffee in his French press and reading the New York Times.He also likes the beach,sailing,cooking,Puerto Rican cuisine and foreign films.
He currently studies film at Watkins College of Art & Design/ Film and resides somewhere in East Nashville.
Tyler Davis-
I'm originally from a small town in Indiana where I grew up surrounded by cornfields and big trucks. I graduated High School with 70 other people and spent a year at a Community College learning too skip class and avoid taking on any kind of responsibility. This eventually led to me having to make a decision to continue to go to school and take things more seriously, or move out and become an adult. After talking with my parents, I chose school. Last June I came to Nashville to look at schools, a week later applied to Watkins, 2 weeks later got an acceptance letter, 3 weeks later moved. I've been here ever since and although I miss my family I am in no hurry to move back to Indiana. I have made the best of friends here, learned a lot of things in and out of class and had some really great opportunities come my way in such a short amount of time. I now live in East Nashville with 3 really great friends, work at the school and at UglyMugs Coffee Shop, attend Watkins, ride bikes, play music, and eat mexican food. I'm growing up...slowly, but I like it that way.