Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Creative Life Thus Far.

The following is a found image that explains my mental struggle right now.

Dear Reader,
I'm not going to sugar coat what I'm about to say. As an artist, I have come across a road block, a writer's block , a creative block or whatever the hell you choose to call it. At the beginning of the summer I was very excited because I was going to have all this free time to just create and that has not been the case. In retrospect, I think that the way I feel at the moment has greatly influenced this creative block that I am going through right now. I have done several things that I think have contributed to me getting past this. For example, I have looked at a lot of random artwork online in the ffffound website. Also, I got a new film camera. It's actually not very new. Its an early model of a Minolta camera and started shooting random photographs and trying to create a concept to shoot a project. Thus far, I am excited about what might come out of this and for what the next month holds. I am going to back to Puerto RIco which is just a great opportunity to get away from my usual surroundings and expose myself to new things and people.

Till this goes away,
Jean-Michael Vissepo

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Indiana Livin'

Tyler and I have been living the country life for the last couple of days. Basically, what that entails is that we are in his hometown in Indiana 4wheelin'! Is really not a big deal you don't even have to worry about it! Yesterday, when we were riding we got caught in the middle of a hail storm and then on top of that my atv got stuck in the mud! No worries though. It was nothing that men like us couldn't take care of. We tried getting it out in the middle of the storm, but after trying and trying it was still stuck. So we rode back on Tyler's in the middle of the storm and well...long story short his dad got this big ol' chain and helped us get it out, here are some pics.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

And they're off!

As Tyler stated before in the previous blog entry, summer has been fantastic. Work. Hang. Rinse. Repeat. You gotta love it.

Tyler and Jean left for Indiana tonight - visiting the Davis clan. I'm going to NY this Thursday for a film festival. I is psyched! Hope you all are well!

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Peace, love, and Nesquick-

ps - found this in the vault! Thought you'd appreciate it.