Friday, October 31, 2008


It's 6 a.m. and I just got home from one of the best nights I've had in months. If any of you that read this talk to me or see me on a daily basis you've probably heard me talk unenthusiastically about my day and how I've been. I haven't been having bad days I guess I just haven't been having the best of days. Lately I've felt like a zombie, an irritated one at best. And i promise you its not just because of the holidays. The daily routine of waking up, going to school, then work, then home, then sleep, has got me in a bit of a rut and I've been looking for the time and opportunity to break away from everything if only for a few hours. Tonight, or last night I was able to do so.
It all started when I got off work and was putting things in my car that Hunt said he was going to Huntsville to pick up his bike and see Peter. Peter is my ex-roomate/forever close friend that used to attend Watkins and now lives in Huntsville, AL. I asked if i could go along and surprise Pete and also just get out of town for a little while, and Hunt said of course. So 9 oclock rolls around and I get out of class and Hunt, April, and myself take off for the evening.
Since Pete didnt know we were coming and I really felt like surprising him, April and I decided we would get in the trunk before we pulled into his driveway and have him help Hunt move things from the backseat to the trunk so they could fit his bike in the car. Pete opened the trunk and I think it scared him a little bit, but it was a good scare. We got out, said hi to Pete's mom for a min then headed out for the night. We drove about 30 min to some mountain to go hiking, on the way got pulled over for a headlight out, make it to the place by the grace of God. Pete's car barely made it up the hill. We hiked by cell phone light for about 30 min then get to the top and look up and the sky was so clear, not a cloud in sight. I hadnt seen anything like that since July, kinda made me miss Indiana. Wherever we were was so perfect, not really sure if you could call it a mountain, maybe just a big hill but had the city on either side of it and we just sat and overlooked the city and talked and caught up for a couple hours and just tried to take it all in. Around 2:30 we decided to head back down and head to Krispi Kreme doughnuts to see if there were any left over doughnuts thrown out from the previous luck there, the dumpsters were empty, but they sure did smell good. Pete took us back to our car, we said our goodbyes and headed home. Hunt drove a little ways, April slept the whole way, we stopped to get gas, then i drove the rest of the way. Seriously a great night. Just what I needed to feel somewhat normal again. I'm ready for the weekend and whatever it has in store for me. I'm sure I'll see a lot of people tonight. Happy Halloween everyone.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

A bit of everything.

Hello Dear Sixteen-Twenty readers,

Here are some discoveries I have made this semster as far as my artistic style is concerned :

I am currently taking photo 1 and so far my photographs both conceptually and aesthetically are dark, as opposed to lighter more comedic subject matter. However I am still working on improving my style and technique.
My writing is also this way and often times I have tendencies of sounding cynical and slightly sarcastic.

Moving on.

Life at Starbucks :

Lets just say that the holidays are approaching. Ergo, making all the cranky Rosa Parks Blvd espresso addicts bitchier than usual. When they ask for their soy,two pumps, no whip, add vanilla, no whip pumpkin latte you better give 'em their soy,two pumps, no whip, add vanilla, pumpkin latte. Also, the eggnog latte is coming back soon and I am not stoked about it just sounds gross.

Life at School/ the month of November :

It's pretty stressful as far as homework load goes, but is nothing I can't handle.Also, our first break from school is coming up in a few weeks, November 22-28, and to say the least I am ready to kick back and relax. The yart sale is the 7th, Julian's shoot is this weekend and my birthday is the 10th!!!! Is gonna be a good month! Note that thanksgiving is also right around the corner which means I drive back to Franklin and eat awesome food/ pecan pie (my fav all american pie)! Please dont forget that on November the 3rd is housewive's day.

The House (1620) :

We basically are never there.Therofore, is pretty messy! we have been talking about having a cleaning day soon, but it has not happened yet.Soon hopefully.

No Shave November :

Guys, Celebrate your masculinity and ability to grow facial hair. Grow out your beard for the whole month! If you can't grow facial hair then just....well...I wish you had better genes.
Ladies, I recommend that you don't do this and continue shaving your legs and armpits...just saying.

Boys and Girls,
Have a good weekend and be safe.

Ride The Wave,
Jean-Michael Vissepo

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I had class, then worked, then class, then worked, its now 11:00 and i just got home.  I'm pooped. On Wednesday nights at Ugly Muggs, located in east nashville, there is free live music by two dudes named Chet and Luke.  Its folk/americana/goooood.  You should all come check it out, it starts at 7:00 and goes till 8:30.  

Also, the new Dr. Dog record "Fate" is really good.  If you get a chance to pick it up, you probably should.

Someday I'll have something important and interesting to tell all of you guys and gals that read this, but until then you'll just get little glimpses into my somewhat boring life.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Its really cold outside.  Its really windy outside.  The titans play tonight against the colts and the traffic is awful as a result, outside. I'm going to stay inside.

you should too.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

This is an ad I'm working on for Design II. The project was to create an ad using an idiom. Mine being "In hot water," this is what I came up with. Let me know what you think.


October is fast.

I just got off work and i'm going to spend the remainder of the day finishing up some homework.  Graphic design stuff, world civ stuff, i think thats all, but that will keep me busy for a while.  Then maybe ride some bikes and spend some time outside because it is beautiful.  Last night was a lot of fun, sorry we couldn't get a fire started to anyone who came...but next time maybe we can get one going. 

I'm going to post what i'm working on later today.  Feel free to give me feedback. positive or negative. 

The new Okkervil River record is good you should check it out.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Let's get something straight...

So, as most of you already know, there was a bit of controversy a couple of weeks ago concerning the topic of "sweater weather". I know, I know - most of you are ready to just move on. But before we do, I'd like to share with you something that has come to my attention: sweater weather is a phrase that has been around for A WHILE.

That's right, neither Jean nor myself conceived this beautiful wordage. Sorry Jean, but this round belongs to neither of us. If you could see my face, I'm winking intimidatingly.

Is it possible for one to wink in an intimidating fashion? I'll confirm that in the next video installment, so stay tuned avid 1620 blog-lovers of Nashville.

Oh, and here's something that IS completely original: I believe this is CARDIGAN CLIMATE that we're currently experiencing. Like that? - cardigan climate. Mine.

Well, now that I've had the last say, I can rest in piece. Sleep, that is. Don't get your hopes up 1620 haters out there, what little there are (if any).

Drinking 2% milk since the age of seven,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Confessions of an Addict.

Dear sixteen-twenty readers, I have a confession to make. This has been a weight that I have been carrying with me for the entire semester and I have not been able to free myself from it. I figure that a confession would be a good way to come out clean once and for all. Sixteen-twenty readers, I, Jean-Michael Vissepo am an addict. My drug of choice: a TV series. A teen drama rather that shows the hardships of living in Orange County, CA and being in high school. If you have not been able to guess it by now, The O.C. is my drug of choice.

This past summer I called my housemate Julian while I was away at work and asked him a question. This is how the phone conversation went:

“Hey Julian, what’s up?”
“Nothin’ dude. How are you?
“Good man, but I have to ask a serious question”
“Yea, what is it?
“Do you like the O.C?”
“Are you kiddin’ me? I own ALL four seasons!!!”
“Good dude. We weren’t going to be able to live together next semester if you didn’t.Hey lets watch ‘em together next semester!”
“Can’t wait! Lets do it!

One day, after summer, august casually rolled around with its hot and humid days. We were all living at The House already and I said,

“ Hey Jules, got The O.C. with ya?”

Since then, things have never been the way they used to be. I have spent late nights walking down memory lane reminiscing about my high school days. Re-living the past almost to the point of tears. The thing is that the writers of this show really know how to grab your attention, or should I say… my attention.

I do my best to live a drama-free life and up to this point I have done a good job at it. So, I chose to vicariously live through Ryan,Seth,Marissa and Summer, the drama I don’t like to have in my life, but the best part is I can fast forward or even REWIND if I want to!

To bring, my confession to a conclusion, I would like to say that I am already on season 4 and I don’t know what I will do with the extra 45 minutes I take out of my nights to have my fix of the O.C. after this season is over. Also, I would like to add that this is a contagious drug and highly addictive. The last person you would think to be addicted to it could fall prey to it and when he or she does I advise you to please join them. I guarantee you that you wont be able to stop.

ride the wave,
JM Vissepo

sick boy!

Hey everybody,
It's Sunday afternoon and I'm happy to say i'm feeling much better. I just got off work at 2 and it is such a beautiful day outside. In celebration of such great weather we're sitting outside, listening to some good ol' punk bands, grilling out, having a good chat, and taking full advantage of what fall has to offer.  
Last night some friends and myself went bike riding, and took a tour of an abandoned slaughter house.  Good night which bled into a great day.  

You should be outside!


Friday, October 10, 2008


Midterm is this upcoming week. I'm ready for it to be here, just have a little more studying to do.  It's been tiring this past week and a half, but once midterm comes and goes i think it'll be better.  It's been a little bit of an adjustment working and going to school and keeping up on everything and just having more responsibility in general, but I must say it feels good to be able to pay the bills and feel like I'm growing up. 

5 CD's that have been keeping me sane the past couple weeks:
- Okkervil River - The Stage Names
- Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago
- Elton John - Greatest Hits (thanks mom!)
- Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
- Band of Horses - Cease to Begin

Got a tour of Hatch Show Print today, it was rad. Got my oil changed.  Free Satco.  Homework now.  Ride bikes later?


Monday, October 6, 2008


In the Following video Jean-Michael explains the way Julian Ray vloged about "sweater weather" without him after leading him onto believe they would do vlog about it together.Instead, out of excitement and sheer disregard for the collaborative effort that vlogging is Julian Ray proceeded to vlog with a third party while completely forgetting about me...i mean, forgetting about Jean-Michael. Also, this vlog discusses Jean-Micheal's new look.The Mustache.

Special thanks to:
My multifaceted facial hair.
Vlog funded by :
Watkins College of Art