Sunday, October 19, 2008

Confessions of an Addict.

Dear sixteen-twenty readers, I have a confession to make. This has been a weight that I have been carrying with me for the entire semester and I have not been able to free myself from it. I figure that a confession would be a good way to come out clean once and for all. Sixteen-twenty readers, I, Jean-Michael Vissepo am an addict. My drug of choice: a TV series. A teen drama rather that shows the hardships of living in Orange County, CA and being in high school. If you have not been able to guess it by now, The O.C. is my drug of choice.

This past summer I called my housemate Julian while I was away at work and asked him a question. This is how the phone conversation went:

“Hey Julian, what’s up?”
“Nothin’ dude. How are you?
“Good man, but I have to ask a serious question”
“Yea, what is it?
“Do you like the O.C?”
“Are you kiddin’ me? I own ALL four seasons!!!”
“Good dude. We weren’t going to be able to live together next semester if you didn’t.Hey lets watch ‘em together next semester!”
“Can’t wait! Lets do it!

One day, after summer, august casually rolled around with its hot and humid days. We were all living at The House already and I said,

“ Hey Jules, got The O.C. with ya?”

Since then, things have never been the way they used to be. I have spent late nights walking down memory lane reminiscing about my high school days. Re-living the past almost to the point of tears. The thing is that the writers of this show really know how to grab your attention, or should I say… my attention.

I do my best to live a drama-free life and up to this point I have done a good job at it. So, I chose to vicariously live through Ryan,Seth,Marissa and Summer, the drama I don’t like to have in my life, but the best part is I can fast forward or even REWIND if I want to!

To bring, my confession to a conclusion, I would like to say that I am already on season 4 and I don’t know what I will do with the extra 45 minutes I take out of my nights to have my fix of the O.C. after this season is over. Also, I would like to add that this is a contagious drug and highly addictive. The last person you would think to be addicted to it could fall prey to it and when he or she does I advise you to please join them. I guarantee you that you wont be able to stop.

ride the wave,
JM Vissepo

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