Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Dang boys and girls. Summer has been awesome so far. Working and hanging out. Nothing more, nothing less.

Yesterday, I built a 3 person bunk bed.
Today, I worked until 12:30 then went to centennial park and had a picnic, played catch, and soccer.
Tomorrow, Moe's with friends, then rope swing before work.
Friday, who knows!

I'm loving this.


p.s. neil young is great.

The Sun Finally Shines

The sun finally shines! After weeks of rain and cloudy days we are able to hang out on our back deck! Today, I don't have much to do other than go to work at the school and after that is hangout all afternoon long!!! Last night, A group of friends and I watch the classic movie the Princess Bride and earlier in the weekend we watched the film The Wrestler. Let me just say, it was so freakin good! I loved it! I'm not much into wrestling. I'm acually not into it at all, but this film made me be into it.It captured me as is slave through the entire duration of it. My favorite thing about it other than the fact that the acting/directing is done really well and that the script is awesome was the way it was shot. Be sure to check it out!

JM Vissepo

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Oh man! Summer has been great. I have surprisingly been very productive. I have got a desk and fixed and painted it up. set up a complete screen printing station in my room/under the house. Rode my bike a lot for fun and transportation a like. Kept my room and the rest of the house fairly clean and organized. And have kept up on yard work. I have also managed to not sleep in too much. Lets hope I can keep this up.

- oil changed
- groceries
- move my brother into the house
- ride bikes
- go buy a book and read it
- Arbys free food with coupon
- and then who knows...maybe go to the 5 spot for old time jam and $2 tall boys.

ha, hope everyone is enjoying their summer.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Black Angus...

Should be my middle name because I LOVE red meat so friggin' much and thats what I am eating for dinner!!!

Good Evening Boys and Girls.

Summer is finally here! Mine started last thursday night with free pizza in my last class. Since then it has been non-stop hanging out with friends and people that I love. Waking up for work yesterday was not an easy thing to do ,but I did it with a happy heart knowing that after work I was still gonna be enjoying the summer! Anyways, Long story short I have been grilling out all the time; hot dogs, burgers, meat in general!

Show bout that rain for the past month? Is crazy, but I have love it because I watched my first episode of Seinfeld on Sunday evening and to say the least it was HILARIOUS! Also, I cooked basil pesto pasta and a friend made rosemary potatoes!! Basically, I am a big deal.

Jean-Michael Vissepo

Cinco De Mayo

Good morning everyone. It's 7:50 am and I have actually accomplished waking up and making breakfast before 8:00 am. I parked behind Jr.'s car last night so he woke me up to move my car so he could go to work. I think i just figured out how to avoid sleeping in this summer. Hallelujah! There is something really awesome about waking up early and getting a start on the day. The birds are so loud in the morning and not on this day, but on a sunny morning there is something in the air that makes getting up worth it.

I guess as an update, the semester is finally over, and summer is in full swing. Working more and playing more. 5 spot has Monday night 40's/50's dance party, and Wednesday night old time jam, such a good time. ha. We got a new roommate a couple days back. Which cut my rent and also just added another awesome person to the house. We have been truly blessed with some great people and its becoming more and more apparent in these past couple of weeks. And I'm sure this summer will show that even more. Also my brother is moving in in a couple weeks too so there will be 6 people at the house. Should be awesome. I think that is about it. Not a whole lot new when i look at it written down but for some reason I feel kinda overwhelmed in a good way with everything going on.

If anyone is reading a good book or two let me know. I'm looking for a couple to read this summer.

Thanks and happy Cinco De Mayo!

- Tyler