Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Sun Finally Shines

The sun finally shines! After weeks of rain and cloudy days we are able to hang out on our back deck! Today, I don't have much to do other than go to work at the school and after that is hangout all afternoon long!!! Last night, A group of friends and I watch the classic movie the Princess Bride and earlier in the weekend we watched the film The Wrestler. Let me just say, it was so freakin good! I loved it! I'm not much into wrestling. I'm acually not into it at all, but this film made me be into it.It captured me as is slave through the entire duration of it. My favorite thing about it other than the fact that the acting/directing is done really well and that the script is awesome was the way it was shot. Be sure to check it out!

JM Vissepo

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