Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Black Angus...

Should be my middle name because I LOVE red meat so friggin' much and thats what I am eating for dinner!!!

Good Evening Boys and Girls.

Summer is finally here! Mine started last thursday night with free pizza in my last class. Since then it has been non-stop hanging out with friends and people that I love. Waking up for work yesterday was not an easy thing to do ,but I did it with a happy heart knowing that after work I was still gonna be enjoying the summer! Anyways, Long story short I have been grilling out all the time; hot dogs, burgers, meat in general!

Show bout that rain for the past month? Is crazy, but I have love it because I watched my first episode of Seinfeld on Sunday evening and to say the least it was HILARIOUS! Also, I cooked basil pesto pasta and a friend made rosemary potatoes!! Basically, I am a chef...no big deal.

Jean-Michael Vissepo

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Ape. said...

Can you teach me how to cook Jean?