Thursday, October 30, 2008

A bit of everything.

Hello Dear Sixteen-Twenty readers,

Here are some discoveries I have made this semster as far as my artistic style is concerned :

I am currently taking photo 1 and so far my photographs both conceptually and aesthetically are dark, as opposed to lighter more comedic subject matter. However I am still working on improving my style and technique.
My writing is also this way and often times I have tendencies of sounding cynical and slightly sarcastic.

Moving on.

Life at Starbucks :

Lets just say that the holidays are approaching. Ergo, making all the cranky Rosa Parks Blvd espresso addicts bitchier than usual. When they ask for their soy,two pumps, no whip, add vanilla, no whip pumpkin latte you better give 'em their soy,two pumps, no whip, add vanilla, pumpkin latte. Also, the eggnog latte is coming back soon and I am not stoked about it just sounds gross.

Life at School/ the month of November :

It's pretty stressful as far as homework load goes, but is nothing I can't handle.Also, our first break from school is coming up in a few weeks, November 22-28, and to say the least I am ready to kick back and relax. The yart sale is the 7th, Julian's shoot is this weekend and my birthday is the 10th!!!! Is gonna be a good month! Note that thanksgiving is also right around the corner which means I drive back to Franklin and eat awesome food/ pecan pie (my fav all american pie)! Please dont forget that on November the 3rd is housewive's day.

The House (1620) :

We basically are never there.Therofore, is pretty messy! we have been talking about having a cleaning day soon, but it has not happened yet.Soon hopefully.

No Shave November :

Guys, Celebrate your masculinity and ability to grow facial hair. Grow out your beard for the whole month! If you can't grow facial hair then just....well...I wish you had better genes.
Ladies, I recommend that you don't do this and continue shaving your legs and armpits...just saying.

Boys and Girls,
Have a good weekend and be safe.

Ride The Wave,
Jean-Michael Vissepo


Jenna said...

what if girls don't want to shave either? I think it is silly that it is just for boys. That is a sexist way of viewing the world. ;)Most girls wear pants and shirts anyways so you would never even know what they have been shaving. GUYS hair, by the way, is right on their faces and it becomes "uncomfortable kissing month" for all of the girls who have to endure the scratchy stubble on their loved-one's face. So, some food for thought for you.

af said...

i wish i had good genes so that i could be masculine like you!

dree said...

Jean-Michael, I'm sorry but I'm still participating in No-shave November...Equality brother!

love you, dree.