Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pillow Fight

Oh Fellow artists, Watkins students and people of the world. Lets get serious! If you are invited to a Facebook event and over 2,000 people have confirmed. Chances are it will be an unforgettable one. That is why if on Saturday evening you decided to stay home and watch My Little Pony with your younger sister, cuddle with your boy/girlfriend, and or be any where else other than Centennial Park in Nashville, Tennessee you are fool, because the turn out was great! Over 600 people showed up pillows in hand ready to fight in the most optimistic way possible.

Thanks, to your local Optimist Manifesto club at Watkins College of Art hundreds congregated in what would go down in history as the largest Alcohol/drug free gathering/pillow fight in Nashville. It could have not been a better evening. The moon was full, a cool breeze danced around the park and the good vibes where blinking red inside of everybody.

Of course there is ALWAYS “that guy.” The guy that accidentally hits another on the nose and the guy that makes a scene for the guy that was injured. Despite all this the optimistic spirits soared high over the Nashville skyline. After much bashing of people’s heads with pillows the energy levels started to die down. To our surprise the h2o patrol showed up with tons of water bottles to reenergize us. So many of them that they were still giving them out long after the event was over. Thank you h2o patrol.

How can you make a memorable night an unforgettable night? How can you make it one of those nights that you look back on and nostalgia quickly raises to the surface and smiles light up the room? Easy. Buy the pillows that have feathers in them and a knife. Then bring them to a pillow fight and when everybody is fighting tear the pillow open and allow the feathers to fly or rather “glide with style” as everyone fights. That is what a gentleman did during the fight giving us many beautiful picture opportunities.

The event culminated with everybody picking up cotton and feathers from the ground along with anything else that was left behind. A little side note, for the next pillow fight we will have a loud speaker and a lost and found box. Many lost valuables during the fight.

This was a remarkable event that was conceived in the minds of Watkins students. Keep up the good work and show Nashville how we really do it here at I’m proud and honored to know you.

Ride the Wave.
Jean-Michael Vissepo

Pictures and video from the pillow fight coming soon. I was experiencing some troubleshooting.

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