Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Let the Creative Energy Flow!

Ok guys...

Tonight, I did not join the hundreds of other college students that decided to go dancing at Play for free (not that I usually do anyways). Instead, I went to a local coffee shop in East Nashville. It goes by the name of "Ugly Mugs" and I had Vietnamese style coffee which was delicious! To top it off a local Americana group was performing their songs. It was wonderful! So great that it took me bak to the beatnik days and the days when I lived in middle America working the corn fields and wanting to rebel against my parents lifestyle. Actually, that never happened, but the music was so good that it made it feel like a real memory.
To add on to my night so far I have made pasta, developed the concept for my next photo project, and I am getting ready to start painting soon! Long story short I also cleaned my room and the kitchen which were both disaster zones. Did I mentioned that I got off work at 6pm and because off that I am having some well needed r&r?

My birthday is coming up soon. As soon as Nov. 10th. I cant wait!

Farewell Dear Readers,
Yours Truly,
Jean-Michael Vissepo

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