Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tattoos and Bar-B-Q

Hello 1620 Readers,

Last Friday, I was on a mission. On a mission to get a tattoo. I knew what I wanted. It had come to me on a dream and in the form of a Zoobook when I was a little kid. Then, In our trip to Colorado it flew above us and guided us to the mountains. A peregrine FALCON! 
This is my fifth tattoo! Which means that I have five tattoos and can't wait to get more! I'm honestly not gonna lie. I'm not going to be one of those guys that try to act all though. This tattoo was hurting so freaking bad when I was getting it done and then the day after that it felt like some traced a falcon on my arm with a razor blade to add to all that in some sick twisted way I loved how soothing it was to get it done.

sidenote : Tonight I made grilled chicken with Puerto Rican spices after that I added BBq sauce to it and combined the two places where I have grown up and have been raised...Puerto Rico and the South!!! To top it all of I chopped the chicken and put on Ciabatta bread. It tasted delicious!!!

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