Sunday, September 7, 2008

Gallery Crawl.

Last night was that time of the month again…It happens the first Saturday of each month. Thousands of avid art lovers from all different walks of life gather in Nashville to see and be seen, and also to look at the work of local as well as international visual artist.

 With the help of Calvin Klein, Zara (  and my favorite pair of skinny jeans I was ready to hit the town and immerse myself in a sea of colors and culture. I drove downtown after meeting up with a few students from Watkins, boarded a shuttle bus that took us to the historic Arcade Building and began observing carefully all the work in the different galleries. It was superb to say the least. I mean… there were a few pieces that I was not a fan of, but even those were still good. Until I arrived at the last gallery, there they were.

Pieces done by our very own John Whitten ( and Kelly Bonadies!  They were excellent! Superb! Watkins College of Art making noise all over the city! People, Students, Artist wake up! Arise! You are a part of a new movement. A new wave taking place in our school and we are taking it out into the city. Sorry, I get a little excited when talking about happenings here at Watkins.

 In the midst of all the art, wine and cheese a thought came to mind. Maybe it was more of an observation. Keeping in mind that this was my first gallery crawl ever pay attention to this observation. “ Gallery crawls are a great place to make subtle yet strong political staments.” What makes me say this? The hip and colorful Obama shirts I saw last night paired wonderfully under an America apparel cardigans.

Moving on, I recommend the Gallery Crawl to everybody from Art enthusiasts to people that know very little about art. Is a fabulous way to spend an evening, and could make for a fun date out in the town. Obviously, I wouldn’t now that as a fact, because I did not take a date last night, but you try it out next month and let me know what you think.



Ride the wave.

Jean- Michael Vissepo

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