Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend.

This past weekend I was able to celebrate accordingly the blessing that it is to live in a country were the individual can become in debt as soon as he or she graduates from high school and labor the remaining days of his/her life to never finish paying of their debts.
On Friday morning I was fortunate enough to wake up to a new day day full of tasks and errands to run. I cooked some eggs for brunch,watched a little television and left my place of residence to finish up some Film Noir homework. Once I got tired of doing my homework it was time for me to move into bigger and better things. There is nothing more relaxing to me than going to the movies all by myself. I thoroughly enjoy sitting in front of an enormous screen and diving into a world that is nothing like mine, magically created by cinema. I have always been a fan of Woody Allen and I find him to be quite the inventive director. No only for this reason, but also for the fact that his new movie was set in Barcelona, one of my favorite cities in the world, I was excited to watch his new film Vickie Crisitina Barcelona. However, when I walked out of the movie theatre I felt that the film did not deliver as much as I thought it would. Saturday brought a new meaning to the phrase "Labor Day weekend." After going about my morning routine I left my house and made my way over to Centennial Park where a group of Watkins students were participating in the great sport of Ultimate Frisbee. I ,however, was not able to participate in this wonderful activity ,because I was wearing a pair of jeans that did not allow for comfortable running under the hot weather conditions. Later on, that night, a few friends came over to the House and we all relaxed in front of a fire pit I had built the day before. Also, we all gathered in the living room moved away he couches and danced ( jumped up and down ) to "paper planes" by M.I.A. To say the least my Saturday was full of leisure and no labor at all. It happens every week you got to bed on a Saturday night and wake up on a Sunday morning. That is unless...well, you know. Moving on. Sunday came as early as 9am! After celebrating my labor with some schoolmates I was awaken to their voices. They came from the living room. They had slept on my floor, because they were "too tired to drive home last night." I cleaned up the house a little bit after they left ad of course I had to do my morning routine.Then, I receive a call from my parents. Strange? Not really. We talk often, about once a day. However, what was strange was the fact the fact that they were inviting me out to eat to a restaurant in Clarksville. Stranger than that was the fact that it was a Puerto Rican restaurant! Now, my parents live in Spring Hill probably about 3hrs from Clarksville , but when you think about it it was free Puerto Rican food that I was offered.They picked me up and few hours later and dropped me off at the House at around 6pm. I was in bed by 7pm after having eaten a Puerto Rican feast for free! i didn't even pay for gas ,because they drove! This is what my labor free leisure full labor day weekend looked liked. 'Till we speak again or see each other in the hallways of the greater education institution that is Watkins College of Art. Sincerely, Jean-Michael Vissepo

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