Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's A Wonderful Time of the Year...

Hello Dear Faithful Readers,

We have once again arrived at the point in the year when exams and final projects are due. When stressing out seems like something that comes as an added bonus and Christmas break seems further away than ever before. If we can survive these next two weeks we'll be good.

Here's the thing though, printer's are not working properly, there is not a recycling bin in the film hallway's computer lab and between work and school some of us don't know how will we be able to survive these next two weeks. Life is good and it goes on. That is why I am looking forward to the break. I will be able to focus on my own art as oppose to the one that my professors want me to turn in. Not only that, but it's the break and I can not wait to be out of class for a couple of weeks.

Also, Tyler turns twenty-one, The Lady From Shanghai is a good movie and in fifteen days or so this will all be over. A quick reminder, do not forget to check out the current exhibit at the frist. Is superb! Tonight,after all the craziness from the day is over i am making some chiken and pasta and hanging out with the boys!

Good Luck to All.
Sincerly Yours,
Jean-Michael Vissepo

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