Saturday, December 13, 2008

Live music and Fires

Dear Readers,

                Only one more day of school left. Monday, and that is it! We will be done for this semester. I think you can all agree with me when I say that we NEEEDED an EARLIER BREAK! one before fall break. Art school is way too much to handle without breaks. All that outside of class art work and no break?! THAT'S CRAZY!!! 

Moving on, to celebrate the end of this semester many are having get togethers. Tonight, I attended one that had a bonfire and it even had live music playing! Three live bands and in between sets there was electronic music playing. To keep me company in this cold night hart, richard, tyler davis and courtney spencer kept me warm as as well a 100 other kids from Nashville.

In conclusion, live music is so great! and to top it all of there was a bonfire!

Farewell Nashville.
Keep Cool.
Jean-Michael Vissepo

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Start My Song said...

Live Music is great. Have a good holiday break!