Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sickness @ 1620

Dear readers,

           Remember that time when Julian walked into my room as I laid on my bed sick? Well, since then not much has changed for the better. I went to Vanderbilt's  emergency room and this really cute nurse basically told me that I had strep throat and an ear infection. 
 I had so much drainage (that was not draining to to inflamation from having strep)  built up in side of my ears  that every time I moved my head it felt as if there was liquid inside of it. So as any good doctor would do, they gave me antibiotics to kill the virus, and told me to drink lots of  water. I hope to feel better soon. Feeling sick ,when the day feels so good outside and when school work just piles up is not a good thing.

Goin' back to bed,
-Jean-Michael Vissepo

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Ape. said...

Hope you feel better Jean. And everyone knows a cute nurse is a great way to get cured!