Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 3-5 now on our way home

Hello Readers,

So far our adventures have been better than epic. We have explored the glorious mountains of Colorado through the means of bicycle and snowboard. The people that have received us have been some of the most wonderful individuals we have come across in our lifetime, they will never know how much they have blessed us.
Our diet, we thought it was going to consist of snacks and junk food ,but it has been far from it. In Denver, we met up with Tyler's cousin where we ate goat, rice, steamed cabbage and african bread called chapati. In Vail, at Sofia and Juan Pablo's house we were blessed with salmon, artichoke and spinach dip, mussels, and  toasted bread for lunch. We also ate a succulent dinner later on the night which consisted of a linguini pasta with tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers and more! For breakfast we ate "chilaquiles", little tortillas deep fried with refried beans and a delicious chili sauce on top. Once in Pueblo we ate steak with black beans and rice and the next morning a gigantic scrambled egg meal with turkey and swiss cheese.
Pueblo, was not the prettiest of towns, however once we left the city and made our way into the desert the landscape was breathtaking! Once again we biked, this time some 10 miles or so into the wilderness were the Pueblo water Reservoir was waiting for us. Trespassing U.S. Govt. property we climbed all the way to the top only to find the gorgeous Lake Arkansas. 
More pictures will be up loaded soon. We are currently experiencing some trouble shooting.

Riding the open road.
Jean-Michael Vissepo and Tyler Davis

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