Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sometime between Day 1 and Day 2

We have arrived in the colorful state.  It is 5:35 p.m and we are somewhere off 1-70 at the 1-70 Diner. It is a cute (?) place.   So far this trip has been exactly what we've wanted it to be.  It started off with myself (Tyler) behind the wheel around 6:30 last night.  I somehow managed to ignore the GPS and get lost within the first 10 minutes of the trip.  After this minor hiccup we were able to keep a level head and get back on track.  In the past 24 hours we have driven 1100 mile and slept roughly 3 hours each.  
We began the journey out of Nashville going through Kentucky, Illinois, into Missouri, then into Kansas where we met up with a couple friends from Indiana that just happened to be out there and had a hotel room.  Roughly 15 min from the hotel we see what we thouht were spot lights, I think they were UFO's though.  They circled in the sky right outside the passenger window for at least 2 min.  It was sweet!
 We arrived there at 6:45 this morning, slept for an hour then woke up to eat a free continental breakfast.  Complements of the Holiday Inn Express.  Thanks!  We head out from the hotel around 9:30 stop to get gas, grab coffee at a local coffee shop/roaster then off onto the open road.  We forgot to reset the GPS and were taken on a trip through the back roads of KS to arrive at our destination, which ended up being an abandoned gas station 23 miles out of the way.  
I just need to clarify something.  When telling friends and family about our trip most every person told us that Kansas was a miserable state to drive through.  That is was boring, flat, and just not pleasant to look at.  This wasn't the case.  Kansas is flat sure, but it had a few rolling hills, and the landscape was so pretty and the sky so HUGE!  At one point in Kansas we stopped by the statue of Buffalo Bill.  Super awesome.  After 9 hours of trekking we finally made it to the  the Colorful State!

Also, please allow me to get you up to speed in my life. I ( Jean-Michael) have found out and rediscovered my spirit animal, the Falcon. On our way through Kansas Tyler was the scout and he pointed me on all the right directions to look. He scouted at least 26 falcons!  Before we left Nashville we said a small prayer for a safe journey and since then the Falcons have being soaring above us.

Thank You-
Tyler and Jean-Michael 


Sara said...

Tyler Davis,

How I Miss Thee...

Jenna said...

Wow! I'm so glad you guys made it. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

Alexa Sullivant said...

It sounds like you guys are having an awesome time! I can't wait to hear more about it when you get back. Give Joey a huge hug when you see him for me.

I love you guys! stay safe :)