Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Month of July-photo blog.

Greetings and salutations to all readers,

                  Today, I would like to share with you a slice of my summer, the month of July. This month I took a "leave of absence” from my life here in the United States. I did this to reconnect with my family, friends, and most of all Puerto Rican roots and culture. The time I spent there I did not check my email or any of my social networking sites and most of the time I did not answer my cell phone.

                  In order for you to be able to understand what a fantastic trip this was I have taken some photographs and explained what they are. Enjoy.

(This is the view from my dads apartment. I stayed here over looking the San Juan Bay.)

 (behind me stands an old Spanish fort built in 1539. I'm just dressed as an explorer.)

(Three generations of Vissepo's having a good time. My grandpa, dad and I.)


(The beach. Beautiful.)


(The rainforest .Me at the rainforest. Courtney- who came down to P.R. a few days after I did- and I take a picture at this touristy stop in the rainforest with the Chupacabras. Follow the link.


(the owner of the Spanish restaurant down the street from my dad's house. La Rosa De Triana.)

I am sure that from the pictures shown above you can conclude that I had a fabulous time in my home island and I did. However, now I am back in the major Nashville area working again and trying to get ready to start school.


Sincerely Yours 4ev-N-ev,

Jean-Michael Vissepo

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