Tuesday, August 4, 2009

She's A Cute Indie Rocker Girl.

Esteemed Readers,

At one point or another our minds have been controlled by the magic and make-believe world that films create. There have been instances were our faces have been overtaken by smiles. On other occasions such films have uncovered the reality of our colorless lives and dare us to expand our color palette. By the end of such films our hearts are uplifted. The very same films have also left us feeling subdued and broken-hearted.

As of lately, there has been one actress who deserves an award for her successful performance on making us (and yes, I include myself) feel the ways listed on the first paragraph. She is married to the King of Indie rock, Ben Gibbard, and is a heartbreaker in her own sort; she's a cute indie rocker girl. If you have not guessed her name yet she goes by Zooey Deschanel.

Her bluish-green deer-in-headlights eyes, porcelain skin and black hair have hypnotized us since she made her appearance in the film Almost Famous. I am not against Zooey in anyway. I am Pro-Zooey. However, she has been continually playing the character of the “indie girl” who "does not want to commit" and wants to be “her own person” and has “a lot going on in her life.” Consequently, Zooey along with several other actresses/musicians that will remain unnamed, have influenced many girls in the same “scene” she is a part of to take on this persona and have given many a cynical outlook on relationships where the man does not know what the future hold due the woman’s inability to commit. This has been something that I have even seen played out in real life through some of the people I relate with.

I exhort all writers and actresses to please give audiences a break from this “cute indie rocker girl” character and give us something else for a bit. I don’t know, maybe bring back the Femme Fatale from the Noir films. Just an idea.

- Jean-Michael Vissepo 

These are some of the recent films that Deschanel has been a part of lately playing the character described above ( click on the image for movie trailer).


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Shelby LaBomb said...

don't forget the movie Elf.